Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wanchai Ferry/ Target GC Prize Pack

A number of blogs are featuring a giveaway for a Wanchai Ferry prize pack that also includes a Target gift card usuallly for $25. Who doesn't like delicious Chinese and who can't use free Target cash? The prize pack for the most part usually includes: Wanchai Ferry entree coupon, asian inspired dishes and utensils (bowls, chopsticks, bamboo mats), and a $25 gift card to Target. Here are a few blogsites you can find the giveaway at. Let's hope we win at one of them!

Ending 2/26- Almost missed this one! This great prizepack giveaway can also be found on Mom-E-Centric. She has a ton of ways to earn extra entries so take advantage but hurry ends soon.

Also Ending 2/26 TONIGHT at 10 PM, gosh how did I let these 2 almost slip by?? Another chance to win this great giveaway at 3 Crazy Monkeys. Opportunities to earn extra entries and surprisingly there are not a lot of comments.

Ending 2/27 at The Five Fish. Featuring lots of ways to enter and currently has 2 other giveaways listed under the tab "fishy business." Love the Fish theme.

Ending 3/1 at Luv My Two Girls. Another great blog site to try and win the Wanchai Ferry prize pack. Also offering different ways to earn extra entries and has a number of other giveaways for Horizon chocolate milk and BareMinerals Eye Kit.

Ending 3/3 at MommyGaGa site. Lots of extra ways to enter and other great giveaways including a giveaway for a Subway gift card. So check it out!

Ending 3/4 at The Frugalicious Mommy. Her blog features a number of extra entries to increase your changes of winning. Also there is an upcoming giveaway for Online Fabric Store, so check it out!

Ending 3/5 at One 2 Try. Another opportunity to try and win the Wanchai Ferry Prize Pack. This blogsite is also great for the current giveaways including Noah's Naturals, Peeled Snacks, and The Magic Wable book.

Ending 3/7 at Save Your Money Mama. Her blog features extra entries and a number of other great giveaways including a $50 gift card to Safeway and a Horizon Chocolate Milk giveaway.

Ending 3/7 at Real Simple Savings Methods is a great new blogsite I just discovered. The blog has great savings tips (hence the name), lists her goals, and of course has great giveaways. Another current giveaway listed: Carolina Pads, I've been trying over and over to win this. So I'm definitely going to enter on her site.

Ending 3/9 at No Time Mom. Her blog features a number of extra entries to increase your chance of winning!

Ending 3/9 at Angela's Bits. I can't believe I just came across this site. Lots of ways to earn extra entries and she currently has 15 giveaways going on right now for products like Horizon Milk, Perricone MD, and Bee Well wishes.

Ending 3/11 at Is it Naptime Yet?. This blog has a number of extra ways to earn entries and has great giveaways for carbon monoxide detectors and a Baby Bunch Giveaway.

Ending 3/23 at My Charmed Life is another Wanchai Ferry prize pack that includes a $25 gift card to Target. So if you missed all the February and early March deadlines, there's still a giveaway available. Easy mandatory entry, just comment on which Wanchai Ferry frozen meal you would like to make.

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