Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Wanchai Ferry-Target Prize Packs

A number of blogs are featuring a giveaway for a Wanchai Ferry prize pack that also includes a Target gift card usuallly for $25. Who doesn't like delicious Chinese and who can't use free Target cash? The prize pack for the most part usually includes: Wanchai Ferry entree coupon, asian inspired dishes and utensils (bowls, chopsticks, bamboo mats), and a $25 gift card to Target. Here are a few blogsites you can find the giveaway at. Let's hope we win at one of them!

Ending 3/14 at Barbee Love is a Wanchai Ferry Prize Pack that includes a $25 Target gift card. Almost missed this one... Mandatory entry is easy, just comment on what yummy Wanchai Ferry pack you would like to try. This blog also has giveaways for a $25 Kroger gift card, "The Princess and the Frog" DVD prize pack, and a PBS kids prize pack.

Ending 3/18 at The One Fantastical is a Wanchai Ferry prize pack that includes a $25 Target gift card. I thought all of the Wanchai Ferry giveaways were over, so I was so excited when I find another one this morning. If you didn't win the previous giveaways, try your luck with this one. There are a number of extra entries, including a daily tweet.

Ending 3/22 at Sanity is For Those Without Children (don't you just love the name) is a Wanchai Ferry Prize Pack that includes a $25 gift card. Lots of extra ways to earn entries but no daily tweets, just the initial tweet. Also on this blog is a Fiber One Safeway Giveaway.

Ending 3/22 at Mommy Has to Work is another great giveaway for the Wanchai Ferry prize package that includes a $25 Gift Card to Target. Lots of extra entries but no tweets at all, which was surprising and very refreshing. Tweets drive me crazy, I do them, they certainly help to win, but there's just too many. Lots of other interesting giveaways available such as Chocolate Cheerios prize pack and Mirra products giveaway.

Ending 3/27 at Desperately Seeking Deals (a name I can relate to) is another Wanchai Ferry Prize Package that includes a $25 Gift Card to Target. I just became a follower of this site and already I'm wishing I had discovered it a long time ago. She just closed and announced a winner for a Dyson DC31! Man I wish I had the chance to enter. Oh well... as I was saying lots of extra entries available and other wonderful giveaways on this site.

Ending 3/29 at Flying Giggles and Lollipops is a Wanchai Ferry Prize Package that includes a $25 Target Gift card. Just discovered this site, and I already love it. Not only is the blog hosting this great giveaway but also giveaways for an Easter Basket, Diaper Bag, and a Protect-A-Bed cover.

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