Monday, June 7, 2010

Cottonelle and Target GC Giveaway

Cottonelle asked the answer that apparently bugs a lot of people, should the tiolet roll be over or under? Personally I never notice, and it doesn't bother me either way. But to better answer this question, Cottonelle held a "roll poll" with over holding the majority. A couple of months ago, a number of blog sites had giveaways for Cottonelle tiolet paper with a $50 Walmart gift card. Recently not only have the Cottonelle/Walmart giveaways popped up, but there is also a Cottonelle Target gift card giveaway.

Ending 6/30 at A Mom's Impression is a giveaway for a 24 pack of Cottonelle and a $50 Target gift card. Leave a comment with whether or not you are an "Over" or "Under" family. Also on her blogsite is a giveaway for a $30 Kroger gift card, a $50 Walmart card with Aquafresh products, and a $20 Amazon gift card.

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