Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultimate Driving Kit Giveaway

Evenflo has a great website for parents titled "Are you a Savvy Parent?" with great tips and articles about car safety, car seats, how to keep organized and the kids happy and occupied during road trips. To promote this helpful site, Evenflo is also sponsoring a great giveaway for an Evenflo’s Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit ($100 value) that includes:
    • $25 Gas Gift Card, a little treat for mom and dad
    • Moist Wipes, for quick car clean up
    • Baby Mirror, to check out rear-facing baby while driving
    • Soft Book, to secure safety of passengers when thrown during tantrum
    • Kid/Parent Friendly CD, to inspire a family sign along
    • Car Dust buster, for hunting down cheerios between seats
    • Window Shade, to keep the hot summer sun out
    • Animal Crackers and a Snack Trap, to carve cravings
    • Car organizer, to keep it all arranged neatly!
Ending 7/19 at Mommy Mandy is a great Evenflo Ultimate Savvy Parent's Car Kit Giveaway. To enter, go to the Are you a Savvy site and comment back with something you learned. Lots of ways to earn those extra entries.

Ending 7/28 at Simply Being Mom is a giveaway for the awesome prize pack from Evenflo. To enter, go to the Are you Savvy site and leave a comment with something you learned or something you liked. Lots of ways to earn extra entries and this site has great giveaways.

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