Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am blog obsessed! May wins

I meant to write this post... ehhh about 2 months ago but got sidetracked with summer plans and great blog giveaway events (Blogfest and Blogmania anyone?!) In my fourth full month of blogging and entering giveaways, the obsession did not died down, if anything it grew another head. Listed below are my May wins. I want to thank the blog site owners and their sponsors for giving us lucky readers such great opportunities to try new products. You guys are all awesome!

May wins

3/31 at The Groschen Goblins- I won a Cover Your Hair box full of cool hair accessories, ARV value $25.

4/15 SatineeSnugs Blanket from won from New Age Mama. The sponsor was kind enough to me to reserve the SatinesSnug I wanted while I waited to find out the name to embroider. My friend was due in May but had not revealed, well actually, had not decided on the baby's name. See picture on the right, it is so cute! They did a great job embroidering the name and little Kylie Jane loves her SatineSnug!

4/25 Starbucks Frapacinno from A Nut in a Nutshell. I got to try the vanilla and mocha flavored frappacinnos. Yum!

4/29 Wasa crispbread won from Leslie Loves Veggies. Tastes great when served with appetizers and dips.

5/1 Tassimo T-disc coffee maker won from 3 Kids and Us. This was my awesome May win! Right in time for Mother's day to. I gave it to my mother and my parents love it! And whenever we go over there for dinner, I get to enjoy Tassimo coffee too!

5/1 Sweetsation Fun N Sun Baby sunscreen and lip balm from New Age Mama. Seems to work great.

5/2 Breyers YoCrunch free coupon from The Mom Buzz. We love all kinds of yogurt at my house. Not only did we get to try a new yummy brand but we saved money too.

5/3 Creme Perfume Lotion won from the Tatum's Reviews. This time I got to try Rose Body Moisturizer. It has a lovely fragrance and keeps my win moisturized.

5/5 Horizon Chocolate Milk won from Mama Dweeb. I love love love chocolate milk. I used to just buy the store brand but after trying Horizon chocolate milk, I have to admit there is a difference in taste.

5/8 Breyers YoCrunch free coupon from Luv My Two Girls. Yay more free yogurt, though for some reason the cashier gave me a hard time about this coupon, at first she wouldn't let me redeem it because I had already used another free yogurt coupon for another type of yogurt. She actually said, "Well you've already saved enough, so what's the difference." My response, "I can never save enough!" I stood my ground until she redeemed it.

5/8 Pawparazzi Pet & Dress Up Kit from Luv My Two Girls. I choose the cat named Misty and the Flower Fairy clothing set. It is absolutely adorable.

5/10 Men's Warehouse $100 gift card from Mama Dweeb. I was so happy to win this for my husband. Most giveaways are geared towards children or women. He bought a few great quality shirts with this and he still has more money left on his gift card for one more.

5/11 Simply Go-Gurt Prize Pack from Night Owl Mama. Yippee, more yogurt. The prize pack also included a planner, car seat tray (the kind that hangs in front of you), and a mini Etcha Sketch.

5/11 Horizon Chocolate Milk from Guessing All the Way. Yay more chocolate milk, and more grocery savings!

5/13 Silk Pure Almond Milk giveaway from Blommi. Regular milk rarely gets consumed at my house. In fact I only buy regular milk when I have to cook something and its an ingredient for the dish. The majority of the time, I buy some kind of flavored milk like chocolate, but I was really excited to get the chance to try Silk Pure Almond milk.

5/14 Oka B Sandals from Shoes That You Love Facebook contest. This was my first and so far my only facebook win. I usually don't enter facebook contests preferring to keep that account for just family and friends, but after entering a number of Oka B sandals giveaways and not winning, I found out that if you friended Shoes That You Love, every Friday during that time period 3 winners were be chosen. On my first Friday try, I won a pair of Elle flip flops in silver.

5/16 Jiffy Lube gift card from The B Keeps Us Honest. I loved winning this! I hate spending money on vehicle maintenance, I know it's a necessity and all of that boring stuff, but man I would much rather be buying something for the house or my closet. Winning this $35 gift card, meant my car got inspected for free... now if I could only win another one for that pesky oil change that is due.

5/16 $20 Dick's Sporting Goods card from A Mom's Impression. Again another nice win for my husband who loves the shoes and clothes at Dick's.

5/19 Tide Coldwater Target bag from Jeanne's Ramblings. I got to try 2 samples of the new Tide Coldwater. Washes great and saves you money, what else could you ask for, except someone to fold your laundry.

5/19 Hard Tail Clothes from Leslie Loves Veggies- got a great Rock and Roll hoodie for a friend's daughter. She loved it.

5/19 Breyer's YoCrunch from Let's Give It Away- as previously explained, yogurt is consumed pretty regularly at my house. All those yogurt giveaways that were going on, well I pretty much entered them ALL!

5/19 $25 Kroger gift card from My Four Monkeys- I love grocery gift cards. Kroger is where I do most of my weekly grocery shopping. This gift card helped save us keep our grocery budget in line.

5/20 Yoplait Greek Prize Pack- yes another yogurt giveaway win... maybe I should rethink my post title and call it "Yogurt wins and More." I won this prize pack from Dexter's Super Mommy. This prize pack came with not only coupons to try the new yoplait greek yogurt but a bath robe and spa bath accessories.

5/21 at Votre Vu Duette Luxe Lip Balm Hand Creme from Thanks, Mail Carrier. I love how soft my hands feel after I put this creme on.

5/20 Flojos flip flops from The B Keeps Us Honest. These flip flops are really comfortable and I've been wearing them all summer.

5/22 Duke Mayo Prize Pack from the Thrifty Wifey. The Prize Pack included a jar of Duke's mayonaise, a Duke T-shirt, and a Duke tote bag.

5/25 Searcey Designs Birthstone Ring won from A Mom's Balancing Act. This was a complete fluke of a win. I did the mandatory one entry and I completely forgot to go back and do the extras and the daily tweets. Somehow, my one entry was pulled out of 616 entries! I felt a little bad others who tried harder didn't win, but I guess its a prime example of how random these giveaways are. The ring is beautiful and I feel very lucky to have won it, I choose the peridot green color.

5/25 Tyson Grilled Chicken from Mom Reviews. These grilled chicken strips are great for salads and quesadillas!

5/26 Cascadian Farms Prize Pack won from Raising My 4 Sons (now 5 sons!). This great prize pack came with 2 boxes of granola bars, 2 boxes of cereal, and 3 boxes of granola cereal. Between all the yogurt wins and this delicious Cascadian Prize Pack, I was set for breakfast for the whole summer.

5/26 Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Wipes won from Really, Are you Serious? Lysol is always a trusted brand in my house. I really like the wipes, so much easier than using up paper towels.

5/27 Energizer Smart Charger won from "Deal"ectible Mommies. I've already made good use of this prize charging the batteries for my digital camera.

5/29 Proctor and Gamble Swiffer Prize Pack won from 3 Kids and Us. This great prize pack came with laundry samples, a Target tote bag, and a Swiffer Sweeper Set.

5/29 Aquafina Prize Pack won from 3 Kids and Us, wow won 2 in one night from the same site. This prize pack came with Aquafina lip balm and free product coupons for Aquafina flavored water.

5/29 Energizer batteries from Jeanne's Ramblings. I received 2 packs of AA batteries and 2 packs of AAA batteries.

5/31 Tazzini bottle won from Familyicous Reviews. I love this bottle, I take it to work with me nearly every day. It has a cool design and the top is leak proof.


  1. Cynthia, congrats! you are officially one of the luckiest contest winners I've ever met online!

  2. What a haul!!! :) Nice Nice Nice! Thanks for a GREAT POST! I wanna come to your house for the Holidays Momma!
    XOXOXO Enjoy your goodies in Good Health!!!
    Love love Love,
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  3. Wow, you did great. Good luck with this months entries :)

  4. That's a lot of winnings. Congrats!~

  5. Wow! Congratulations, Cynthia! You're definitely a prime example of how continually entering blog giveaways can really pay off!

  6. Wow! That is so great. Congrats!


  7. Congratulations! I really need to enter more blog give-aways myself - especially with the holidays right around the corner.

    As always, you get extra entries throughout the month for blogging about your win from

    So extra entries from September 20th - October 20th! Just type in Extra Entry for May Win

    happy buzzing,

    Erin T.

  8. WOW what awesome wins CONGRATULATIONS. SO very exciting. Your repeat entries pay off with nice rewards from great supplying sponsors.

    I appreciate every blog comment and giveaway you enter. Good luck to you and may you win lots more this coming holiday Season

  9. That is amazing! COngratulations and thank you so much for entering so mnay giveaways. It is time consuming, good luck on future giveaways:)

  10. Congrats to you! You're one lucky lady!

  11. Wow, You are some kind of lucky. Congrats!!!

  12. WOW!!! Check out my $25 Amazon gift card giveaway if you like.