Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am blog obsessed! June Wins

June was a very exciting, fun blog month. It seemed like every blog site was hosting some kind of summer blog event with even more great giveaways than normal. As you can probably tell, I ended up being more blog crazy than normal, but I came out with a great loot! Thank you to all the wonderful blogs and their sponsors. You all made my summer!

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2/22 Fall Down Tree Print Giveaway won at Familyicious Reviews blog. Fall Down Tree has really cute prints of animals like rabbits, birds, and dinosaurs and other fun children's characters like Peter Pan. I choose a really cute print of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael.

3/10 Ecogear Bag won at Familyicious Reviews blog. I love my Ecogear bag. I usually carried my oversize bag to work with my keys, phone, wallet, book, lunch, etc... all in a jumbled mess. Now I carry my book bag to work and to the store. The convenient pockets makes it easier for me to find things and its the perfect size for me.

5/19 Hapari swimwear $96 gift certificate won from Review Retreat. I choose the Cali bikini top, bottom, and a skirt and still had a little bit of money left. I wore my suit all summer and received a lot of compliments on it. Not only are the prints and styles cute, but the quality is great too.

5/21 EcoTools Bath Pouf won from Night Owl Mama. I needed a new one too. Love the green sage color too.

5/24 Organizher Products from Mead and a $25 Target Gift Card won at The Mom Buzz. I received a calendar, planner, file folder, and notebook. I need all of it to organize my house! I loved the cool design, especially the elastic holders on the edges to open and close the books. And of course who doesn't like to shop at Target!

6/2 at Survey Junkie I won an assortment of K-cups for a Keurig coffee maker. My sister just received a Keurig coffee maker as a wedding gift, so those K-cups were a great addition to her and her new husband.

6/3 All Oxi-Active Detergent won at Let's Give It Away. I normally use All detergent anyways, but I did not have a chance yet to try the new Oxi-Active detergent. Also, saving money on any kind of household consumables, is a big bonus at my house.

6/4 Reunion Island Coffee and stainless steel cup at Really Are you Serious? My parents are huge coffee fans so I gave them this delicious blend to try. I kept the shiny, red stainless steel cup though!

6/4 Organic Bistro frozen products won at One 2 Try. I'm not much of a cook so I'm always excited to try new frozen products and meals. These meals were not only good but healthy! It was a nice change to have one of these products for lunch instead of my usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

6/4 Shrek 3rd place prize pack won at 3 kids and Us. In this prize pack I got a Shrek sticker sheet, poster, and Shrek The Final Chapter soundtrack. Honestly who doesn't love Shrek!

6/5 Yoplait Greek yogurt free product coupons won at Babee Love. Greek yogurt has more protein that regular yogurt and has a thicker texture. If you love yogurt, its definitely worth a try!

6/5 Gorton's Seafood 2 free product coupons won at Kelly's Lucky You. Shrimp, Salmon, Tilapia, Battered Fish Fillets and sticks, lots to choose from!

6/7 $100 Gift Code to Tea Collection won from the The Fashionable Housewife. Tea Collection has beautiful, super cute clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids--especially the girls section. This win was perfect timing. I was able to gift it to my neighbor and friend as her daughter's birthday gift.

6/7 Nestle Family Prize Pack worth $150 from Mom of 2 Boys Wife of 1. This amazing prize pack came with a Shutterfly gift code, tons of free product coupons for Nestle products like Nesquick, Juicy Juice, Stouffers, and Tollhouse, and a glowelle beauty kit.

6/8 St Jude Target Swiffer Prize Pack won from Lorri Jeanne's Ramblings. This prize pack included a Swiffer kit, Tide samples, and a Target reusable tote bag.

6/13 Conair Infiniti Curl won from She Scribes. Yay, my boring straight hair can have some curl in it!

6/14 Gorton's Seafood product coupons won from Second Time Around. More chances for me to check out Gorton's variety of products and try out some of their website recipes.

6/14 Avon Lip gloss Collection won from The Mom Buzz- this collection includes 16 gorgeous lip gloss shades. I now have a shade for every outfit/occasion. I won't have to buy lip gloss for years!

6/16 Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack won from J Leigh Designz. I know the Sex and the City 2 has completely panned as a flop, and I do admit the show and first movie were much better. Still you have to admit, the fashion and the music is still there!

6/17 L'occitane products won from Baby Loving Mama. I received a hair creme, hand cream, and a bar of soap. All have beautiful packaging and wonderful scents to them.

6/19 HP Photosmart Printer, model B209a, won at Rockin Mama. This was definitely my big amazing win of the month. I needed a new printer too, especially one that can print digital photos with such great quality. The printer is wireless capable. I can hook my camera up and print directly from the camera, scan pictures and print, or print pictures and documents from my computer. I love my new printer, its so pretty too!

6/20 Crest ProHealth Sensitive products won from A Nut in a Nutshell. I received Crest ProHealth toothpaste, floss, and a toothbrush.

6/20 Skoy cloths won from A Nut in a Nutshell. I love these things, works so much better than paper towels!

6/23 Gorton's Seafood coupons won from Let's Give it Away. I got a little carried away with all the Gorton's giveaways, I just kept entering them all. But again, so many different Gorton's products, my household won't ever get sick of them.

6/25 $25 Amazon gift card won at Look What Mom Found and Dad too. Finally won an Amazon gift card and ended up buying the Twilight books. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but I can't wait to join in the Twilight mania.

6/26 Baker's Edge Brownie Pan won from Leslie Loves Veggies. My best friend is a brownie-aholic. I recently gave this to her as part of her birthday present, the other part was brownies made in the pan of course!

6/27 Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss product coupons won from Leslie Loves Veggies. Wonderful flavors has me hooked on Luna and Larry's Bliss.

6/28 Satin Sheets from Shopbedding.com won at Guessing All the Way... Tales from a Clueless Mom. These sheets feel great and look great! I received the fitted sheet, sheets, and pillow case in a beautiful champagne color that matches my bedspread.

6/28 Kraft Foods Prize Pack from Accidental Mommies. I received free products and product coupons for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Ritz Crackerfills, Deli Creations Lunch meat, etc.. I saved a lot of money on groceries that week!

6/29 Evolve Showerhead won at My Organized Chaos. I love, love this shower head. It was different sprays, looks beautiful, and saves money on water. I love to pull the chord when the water is ready too.

In addition to these great blog giveaways, I also received samples and free products from Allure.


  1. Really nice that you thanked everyone! GREAT Prizes and Great Sponsors! Love all these Blogs BTW! :)
    I'm following!
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  2. Congratulations on all of those fabulous wins! I truly wish I had time to enter like you do!

    PS. You are such a cutie!

  3. Wow!!!
    That is amazing!
    Your post makes my day, I like hearing from happy winners. Enjoy your prizes, you earned them!


  4. Rock on! You did great, as ALWAYS! And as usual, get extra entries on the Mom Buzz for blogging. Just Type in BLOGGED MY MEAD WIN as your comment. That is good from now until November 30th!

    Happy Buzzing,

    Erin T.

  5. WOW! You are amazing! I came across your blog because I saw you entering a lot of the same giveaways I've entered. I haven't won nearly as much as this. My big win from the last month was a $135 CSN stores gift card... and I was going to buy a printer! :)

    Enjoy your loot!